When it comes to the food we eat, making healthy choices shouldn’t be a burden—or a bore. Wellness isn't about the latest trend, it's about lifestyle. Sophie Pachella is a nutrition and fitness expert who ignores the latest fads, instead offering realistic and sustainable strategies for healthy living.
Sophie believes in fulfilling the body’s food desires with delicious and wholesome choices, not deprivation. Sophie Greek Yogurt began with a craving to offer clients a recipe for a nourishing and satisfying yogurt that couldn’t be found in stores. She crafted and perfected the recipe for Plain at home in her kitchen. Spurred on by her sweet tooth, she then used luscious natural ingredients to create fantastic flavors like Banana Cream Pie, Chocolate and Vanilla Bean.     
With no sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives and 16 grams of protein, Sophie Greek Yogurt is a rich fuel for your body and pleasure for your palate. The yogurt is strained in the Greek tradition, concentrating the essential nutrients your body needs. Made with non-GMO milk and virtually lactose free, it’s also a great option for mothers-to-be and those with dietary restrictions.
Rich, creamy and as delectable as dessert, one taste will convince you that sometimes nutritious and indulgent can be synonymous.